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Bloomberg Law is Bloomberg BNA's flagship legal and business intelligence, news, and research platform. It gives you unlimited access to essential legal content integrated with time-saving tools and proprietary company and market information so that you can add more value to clients. Your subscription includes real world guidance from top practitioners and trusted news sources targeted to your needs.

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DOCKETS — Quickly find the federal and selected state and international dockets you need to serve clients and spark new business ideas. Underlying documents-such as complaints, briefs and orders-loaded on the system-are included with unlimited searching and alerts as part of your subscription. 

CASE LAW & CITATION SEARCH — Bloomberg BNA Classification Outlines and Headnotes zero in on key points of selected cases, and BCiteSM, our proprietary citator, helps you determine whether your case is still good law, as well as find and research other on-point cases and legal materials.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER — Access the tools and resources that help you identify and target new business opportunities and stay current on the specific issues with the greatest impact on your clients. Use customizable news monitors to stay on top of the buzz while filtering out the noise, and leverage the Company Screener to research companies based on financial criteria you select.

COMMENTARY & ANALYSIS — Stay ahead of developments and fully understand the implications for your clients and organization with in-depth analysis from Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, scenario-specific guidance from leading practitioners in Bloomberg BNA's Portfolios, and treatises and books from a variety of legal publishers.

TRANSACTIONAL RESOURCES — Get the legal analysis, news, practical guidance-ranging from document and clause descriptions to treatises-and primary sources that give you an advantage in your transactional work. Complete your due diligence with company information and EDGAR filings, and access example documents and clauses from real transactions through targeted, fielded searches.

PRACTICE CENTERS — Power your practice with Bloomberg Law's Practice Centers. Each Practice Center delivers integrated, in-depth analysis, commentary, practice tools and news, plus primary sources to give you a comprehensive, nuanced understanding of critical issues. Available Practice Centers include Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Banking & Finance, Corporate/M&A, Employee Benefits, Health, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Securities and Tax.

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